Nurse Smartboard

The Nurse Station Smartboard replaces the current dry erase census boards with an interactive, touchscreen display that pulls together data from the EMR, Nurse Call, RTLS, Rounding, and other systems to provide a real-time view of the entire unit with no manual data entry and maintenance.

Hardware Features

Vizabli provided Nurse SmartBoards come in 32”, 43” or 55” tablets, though the 55” tablet is recommended.

 All provided boards have the following features:

  • 1080P HD Displays
  • 10 point capacitive touch screen
  • NFC / RFID Reader (HID optional)
  • 5 MP Camera
  • Microphone / Speakers
  • Ethernet and WIFI (Gen 6)
  • Bluetooth
  • USB Ports
  • Android 9 OS
  • Vertical or Horizontal Orientation

 Facilities can also provide their own nurse station board hardware if preferred – the patient board software runs on Android 8+, Microsoft Windows, or iOS.

 The Nurse SmartBoard software can also run as a web page and accessed with a standard web browser on a PC.


Room and Bed

The room and bed numbers for all beds in the unit are displayed. This is the default sort for the board, by room then by bed, though the data can be sorted by any columns on the board using the gear icon.

 Touching the bed number also allows the clinician to change the themes on the patient’s room devices.

Patient Information

This column displays the HIPAA compliant name of the patient and a color indicator of gender identity. Note that the patient name format is configurable in the web administration tool and patients can also be marked as anonymous, in which case no name will be displayed.

Room Status

The room status column shows the status of each room and bed across the unit. This can include data about the patient, such as “Visitors Welcome” or the location, such as “Vacant”.

Care Team

The Care Team columns display the currently assigned Provider, Nurse, and Aide on the census board.

Nurse Call

The nurse call column shows all nurse call events for each bed in the unit, including the call type and elapsed time since the alert was pressed.


The flags column shows the icon of each flag that is set for the patient. By touching any flag icon (or the “add flag icon” if no flags are set), the nurse can add and remove flags for the patient.

Updates to the patient flags can be written back to the EMR if allowed by the system.

Acute Care Engagement Solutions (ACES)

An Acute Care Engagement Solution (ACES) provides staff engagement, patient engagement and public engagement features that work together seamlessly in a single, integrated platform.

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