Better care and better outcomes start with more patient care time and better visibility of real-time data. An acute care engagement solution (ACES) is designed to engage and provide real-time data to hospital staff, patients, and the patient’s friends and family.

In this post, we will discuss engaging hospital staff, such as nurses and providers. Vizabli’s ACES removes the time consuming and tedious task of updating dry erase / grease boards in each patient room and at the nurse station census board. In a 100 bed hospital, this returns over 1 MILLION NURSING MINUTES to patients! Instead, staff can use those minutes doing what they are trained to do: caring for patients.

Dry erase boards are replaced with interactive, touch screen digital whiteboards at the nurse station, patient room, and outside the patient room. These devices are updated in real-time as care team members come on and off duty, the patient medical record is updated, when staff enters and leaves the room, and other key events. Additionally, a staff mobile application allows staff to video call into patient rooms, receive real-time updates and alerts, manage patient data, and much more, from anywhere in the facility.

Vizabli’s ACES platform also provides Patient Engagement and Public Engagement – features that we will cover in future posts.

Better care and better outcomes with Vizabli ACES. Learn more at and on LinkedIn to see why we are vizabli: better.